24 Aug

Golf Clash – Top 2 Balls that will serve you the Best in the Game

 Technology increases with the passage of years. Everyone use the technology with their own way, some are use in P.c. and few in mobile phone. Golf Clash is top grossing on Google Play store; I will tell you my experience about the game.

There are many types of balls available in Golf Clash but I will tell you only two major balls which use more than others. If you are beginners in the game, you can buy different Golf Balls but you will start the game with basic balls. If you want to more fun as well upgrade your item with currency, so you can use Golf Clash Cheats and enjoy the unlimited currency in the Golf Clash.

 Types of Balls – 

1. Marlin Ball – It is one of the cheapest ball in the game, It contains some great rewards and bonuses, which can give you more advantages, which will you need in some tournaments and It comes with one side spin.

2. Titan Ball – It is one of the advanced balls of all balls, it will cost more than other two balls, like spend some gems, but you will get better result and enhance your performance.

Final Words

In Conclusion, one thing you should keep in mind is that, players of Golf Clash have to pay attention on earning process in game currency. Not only this but also have to proper attention on balls because all game depend on it.